Company Profile

K+P Planungsgesellschaft, comprises for more than 40 years an interdisciplinary team of architects, urban and regional planners, building and civil engineers and interior designers. The combination of experience and know-how has taken K+P far beyond the borders of Germany. Our team creates architecture in a dynamical, skillful, and innovative way all over the world.

Our high-performance spectrum includes:

  • Architecture

  • Urban Planning

  • Interior Design

  • General Planning

  • Project Management

  • Competition Management

  • Energy Efficient Refurbishing

  • Health and Safety Coordination

For our customers we provide high competence within all stages of the planning process: From the beginning with a new building concept to the finalization with a comprehensive supervision of the construction site.

We are focused on traffic-, administrative- and office-buildings, science- and school- buildings, technology- and industrial enterprises. In the field of urban planning our office provides a full range of services, from structural and development planning to preliminary and statutory land-use planning and the rehabilitation of historical city and town centres.

Koch + Partner Architects are highly motivated. We provide excellent know-how and services across all disciplines by using in-house resources. We provide time and cost saving solutions for more efficiency at the construction sites always to the benefit of our customers.

Our goal is quality at its highest level. That means: Quality of planning as well as quality of cooperation between all parties involved.

We achieve this goal through a solid cooperation and strong continuity of performance with all partners and the longstanding experience of our colleagues in Germany and all over the world.

A key success factor of the Koch + Partner-Team in the process of building, creating and realization of projects is: absolute mutual trust and the willingness of excellent performance.

The most important form of project handling is the ability to function in interdisciplinary teams no matter who is involved in small or large projects either as general planning contractor or external specialist or specialized engineer.

All of our projects meet the special needs of each of our customers and are directly related to the specific surrounding of each construction site and environment.