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08 · 2006


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Museum of the New National History for the province Anhui, PR China

The new museum, in the south of the Anhui province´s capital Hefei, is regarded as the centre of a cultural park, which consists of a youth centre, the hall of science and technology, an art gallery, a museum of archaeology and a museum for fossils.

Our idea is to position the new Museum as a quadrate in the middle of the site, in consideration of the given axes, streets and walks. Through the height of 40 m, the position and the colour of the facade, we present to the area a very significant sculpture.

The whole complex consists of two parts, the plinth and a "golden shrine". The shrine accommodates the exhibitions and the plinth all additional functions such as the congress centre, the library, the teahouse, restaurant and storage.

Direct and indirect daylight as well as artificial light are the main elements in the design of the exhibition halls.
The self-supporting façade stretches across the full height of the building. The structure system of the cladding is a golden rhombical fence, with glass panels. For sun protection the glass panels must have double glazing. For that there is an extraordinary vitality of the façade.

The new, 7-level high, museum houses numerous collections, representing a variety of completely different objects, representing the region. The works of art and other objects go from the beginning of human history to the present day.

The museum is therefore not a closed introverted building, but it is a receptive building, which is open to the cultural, social and historical diversity of the province Anhui. For that reason the architecture of the museum reflects this di-versity, it is an embodiment of the open-ended nature of art and history.

Project figures and facts

  • Location: Hefei, Province Anhui, PR China
  • Client: Government of the province Anhui
  • Competition: K+P Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Ismaninger Str. 57, D-81675 Munich, Germany
  • Building Costs: approx. 18,2 Mio. Euro
  • Gross floor area: 32.000 sqm
  • Competition: 2006

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