BMW Branch and Motorcycle Center · Munich · Germany

01 · 2005



Modernization and extension, 2005 - 2009

German Design Award · Special Mention 2014

The new BMW headquarters, adjacent to the existing BMW Welt, habe been rebuilt, modernized and expanded.

By implementing BMW's Brand Architecture in consideration of structural and functional aspects, the building complex, planned in the 80s, has been brought into line with today's and future requirements of a BMW subsidiary office in order to take into account the company's growth at this location. BMW has decided upon the concept of a "Driving Gallery".

BMW is committed to an architectural standard, which has its roots in the Bauhaus Style, demanding, reflective discs, large windows, open, well-lit space, clarity and high design. Approximately 20 million Euro have been invested to improve the building's function, bringing everything onto one level, clear, open space, enlarged service area and delivery area with shorter distance between each and high-quality design.

The design for the renovation and the new buildings of the Subsidiary Frankfurter Ring achieves the following main goals:

  • Improvement of the building's external impact on customers by inviting and open entries, large-area and homogenous glass façades and heavily perceptible shear walls and ceiling discs.
  • Revaluation of the show and sales rooms by spatial enlargement, air space opening across many floors as well as improvement of the customer focus by creating functional as well as spatial connection between the customer oriented areas of the automobile show, of the accessory sales and of the service.
  • Creation of a "premium event area" with a huge capacity and recreational areas across three floors as well as appealing gallery view on the event stage.

Project figures and facts

  • Client: BMW Group, BMW AG, Munich, Germany
  • User: BMW Subsidiary Munich, Germany
  • Planning: K+P Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Ismaninger Str. 57, D-81675 Munich, Germany

BMW Motorcycle Center

  • Building costs: approx. 4.2 mio. Euro
  • Gross floor area: 8,570 sqm
  • Start of planning: 2005
  • Completion: 2006
  • Site area: 5,720 sqm

BMW Subsidiary Frankfurter Ring

  • Building costs: approx. 13.3 mio. Euro
  • Gross floor area: 38,800 sqm
  • Start of planning: 2006
  • Completion: 2009
  • Site area: 24.568 sqm

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