BVB Allianz Refurbishment · Munich · Germany

10 · 2002


The Bayerische Versicherungsbank, at the corner Theresienstraße/ Ludwigstraße in Munich-Schwabing, has been modernized with a total capital expenditure of 47 million Euro.

The whole complex consists of the original building at the Ludwigstraße, built by Heilmann & Littmann for the Bayerische Vereinsbank, and two additional wings added in 1936 and 1950.

Due to the sensitive requirements for conservation, this project has been carried out in close collaboration with the department of building regulation in Munich, as well as the departments for the preservation of historic monuments in Munich and Bavaria.

The buildings have been renovated with high technical and creative complexity to make the grade to a modern working environment for meeting the demands for preservation as well as user demands for the tenants.

Two inner courtyards, piled with glass, form the central nucleus and shape the appearance of the building. All historical valuable elements have been restored from aspects of the preservation and are now in suspenseful relationship to the modern elements of the architecture.

The main focus in the conception of our building works involving ancient architectural heritage lies, however in this construction project for the restoration of the BVB Munich, on the functional aspects. The aim of "making it work" is the yardstick by which all intervention in the existing structures, and all technical and architectural modernization, is measured. The chief parameters are to preserve as much as possible of the existing original structure, restore or reconstruct those parts that are essential to its integrity, and to fill out the rest with contemporary architecture that provides a fitting contrast to the original style.

Project figures and facts

  • Location: Ludwigstraße 21, D-80539 Munich, Germany
  • Client: Allianz Versicherungs AG, represented by Allianz Immobilien GmbH Baumanagement, Charlottenstraße 3, D-70182 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Main tenant: The Boston Consulting Group GmbH
  • Overall planning: K+P Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Ismaninger Str. 57, D-81675 Munich, Germany with HPP Hentrich - Petschnigg & Partner KG, Munich
  • Tenant planning: Wiegmann & Trübenbach Architekten BDA, Cologne
  • Building Costs: 47 Mio. Euro
  • Gross volume: 143.500 m³
  • Site area: 11.000 sqm
  • Gross floor / net main floor area: 20.700 sqm
  • Planning: 1997 - 2002
  • Completion: October 2002

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