Munich Airport Multi-storey Car Park P20

06 · 2003



Munich Airport Multi-storey car park building P20

In addition to planning the new Terminal 2 building, the commission included a multi-storey car park, with the aim of providing sufficient capacities for the volume of traffic expected in the medium term at Munich Airport.
So Europe‘s biggest multi-storey carpark with 6,400 parking spaces has been created. The carpark has 7 levels above ground out of a total of 11. Spiral ramps at the four corners of the building, the parking levels between them, and the vertical stairwell towers make the the function of the building identifiable from outside.

The green strip along the middle terminal road covers the four-floor „underground carpark“ belonging to the carpark building. An important goal of the planners was to cover the roof surface with a garden instead of creating more parking spaces. Daylighting shafts divide the carpark building into three independent parts which are interconnected through these open spaces. They provide natural light and ventilation and avoid the need for sprinkler systems.

The middle shaft divides the building volume and provides an excellent reference point. Moreover, it marks the important main axis of the north-south footpath. The central access areas are located on this axis.

Project figures and facts:

  • Client: Flughafen München GmbH, 85326 Munich
  • Planning and construction 1. stage: 1999 - 2003
  • Planning and construction extension: 2008 - 2011
  • Gross floor area: 184,000 sqm 
  • Gross volume: 643,000 m³
  • Building costs: 55 mio. Euro


Extension of Multi-Storey Car Park Building P20.
Due to the increased demand for parking spaces at Munich International Airport the multi-storey car park bulding P20, opened in 2003, has to be expanded up to 7,033 spaces.

  • Planning and construction: 2008 - 2011
  • Gross floor area (extension): 17,400 sqm
  • Gross volume (extension):     41,200 m³
  • Building cost: 7 mio Euro