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06 · 2003


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Planning and realisation of central terminal with pier building at Munich Airport International

According an international design competition for architects K+P, Koch+Partner have been commissioned with the planning of the entire development in July 1998, which was taken into operation on 29 June 2003 after a planning and construction period of only four and a half years.

The development comprised a central terminal hall, a pier structure and a central parking block, besides a baggage sorting hall with apron tower on the apron east, as basis for the first satellite structure.

The new terminal building was erected on the east side of the existing passenger terminal in direct connection to the"Munich Airport Center" (MAC), the geometric and visual focus of the entire airport. With its 30-metre-high central hall, Terminal 2 deviates from the modular concept of the existing Terminal 1. Located in this new hall on the side facing away from the airfield is the entire passenger-handling infrastructure, from ticket sales and check-in points to passenger and hand-luggage checks.

This brightly lit hall is characterised by transparency, and optimum conditions in terms of indoor climate and acoustics. The pier building provides in addition to gates and waiting areas, also shopping and gastronomic amenities. Ample dimensions and spatial clarity facilitates the passenger orientation as far as possible.

Project figures and facts

  • Location: Terminalstrasse Mitte, D-85356 Munich Airport International, Germany
  • Client: Flughafen München GmbH, München
  • Phases 1-5: K+P Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, Ismaninger Str. 57, D-81675 Munich, Germany
  • Building costs: approx. 1.5 billion Euro including infrastructure
  • Building costs T2: approx. 800 Mio. Euro
  • Gross Volume: 2.100.000 m³
  • Gross floor area: 260.000 sqm
  • Net main floor area: 164.000 sqm
  • Central hall: 15.000 sqm
  • Waiting areas: 28.500 sqm
  • Baggage claim: 11.000 sqm
  • Lounge-areas: 3.100 sqm
  • Shops: 10.000 sqm
  • Restaurants: 8.000 sqm
  • Central hall: l 170 m, w 140 m, h 30 m
  • Pier building: l 980 m, w 30 m, h 18 m
  • Passenger capacity: 25 million/year
  • Gates: 114
  • Minimum connecting time: 30 min.
  • Aircraft stands: 75
  • Stands at building: 28
  • Stands on the apron: 47
  • Boarding bridges: 40
  • Check-in facilities: 124
  • Baggage claim carousels: 7
  • Total length of the carousels: 520 m
  • Baggage handling system: 40 km
  • Capacity baggage system: 25.000 items/hour
  • Start of planning: December 1998
  • Start of preliminary site measures: September 1999
  • Start of construction of terminal: September 2000
  • Taken into service: 29 June 2003
  • Planning and construction period: 4 ½ years


Baggage sorting hall, Satellite, Apron tower

The baggage sorting hall was erected to the east of Terminal 2 to ensure an adequate baggage-handling capacity in conjunction with a minimum connecting time between flights of 30 minutes. The baggage conveyor system covers a total area of roughly 51,000 sq m spread over four levels. These facilities are linked to Terminal 2 via a number of tunnels.

It is conceived as the initial phase of the next stage of development of the airport: the first satellite structure, which will be functionally linked with Terminal 2. Where appropriate, measures have been anticipated in the present building; e.g. the underground link for a passenger transport system.

As a means of controlling the two apron areas to the west and east of the future satellite, a 45-metre-high tower has been erected. This is spatially linked to the baggage sorting hall. The tower was designed to form an integral part of the future satellite. Its volume will be incorporated in the satellite storeys to be built above the baggage sorting hall.

Project figures and facts

  • Gross Volume: approx. 450.000 m³
  • Gross floor area: approx. 64.000 sqm
  • Area baggage system: approx. 51.000 sqm
  • Building costs: approx. 150 Mio. Euro

Apron tower

  • Gross floor area: approx. 1.100 sqm
  • Gross Volume: approx. 5.000 m³
  • Building costs: approx. 8.3 Mio. Euro

Time schedule

  • Start of preliminary site measures: May 2000
  • Start planning BSH: February 2001
  • Start planning tower: June 2002
  • Start of planning trial operation: March 2003
  • Completion: 29 June 2003

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