Munich Municipal Utilities Headquarter

08 · 2001


Stadtwerkszentrale München

Municipal Department of Works, Munich - Administration and works centre, laboratories, 24-hours tract and gas-pressure control centre

New headquarter building for the public services of Munich - office with administrative complex, Operations center, laboratory, 24-Hour section, and gas pressure regulator

The planning history for the new headquarter building of the public services began in 1980 with the announcement of an architectural design competition, in which Norbert Koch was awarded the first prize. The competition design formed the basis for the preliminary design, as well as the preparation of the development plan.
This design formed the basis for design planning, as well as preparing the development plan.
After an extensive renovation, planning continued in 1995 by Koch + Partner as general planner for all design stages and construction started in October 1998. The main targets were to create a building that was extremely energy efficient and should be built according to ecologically principles, using a strictly limited selection of materials.
The development was integrated into the grown urban structure. The 4-6 storey office centre consists of 5 connecting building blocks of buildings. Together with an old water tower the building blocks form a ring around a courtyard and a lake; they are all accessed through a glazed entrance building.

The 2-3 storey operating spaces, including expansion areas, are located to the east. A modular operations centre, with four-storey workshop modules is attached to the administrative building as an autonomous unit. Each module is individually supplied enabling flexible workshop spaces for different uses. The operating spaces contain workshops and testing equipment for gas, water, electricity and district heating as well as workshop-based office spaces.

Koch + Partner were commissioned with the general planning throughout all stages. Therefore  an administration centre for approx 2,800 emplopyees with works centre, laboratories and a 24-hour section has been developed. The specified budget was even undercut.

Project facts and figures:

  • Location: Emmi-Nöther-Straße 2, 80287 Munich
  • Client: Stadtwerke München GmbH
  • General planning: K+P Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH
  • Gross volume: 400,000 m³
  • Gross floor area: 63,000 sqm
  • Ancillary space: 6,000 sqm
  • Site area (approx): 140,000 sqm
  • Start of planning: 1994
  • Completion: 2001
  • Building costs: 180 m. Euro